Able Adler Better Blue

Jonathan Adler X Tumi Blue LuggageCollaborations are not letting up any time soon despite what the naysayers believe. One plus one will always equal more. For design-conscious consumers of today, the extra creative mind adds value to the end product, if not clout. Collab-fatigue, contrary to current believe, has not struck.

The latest pair to collaborate is American potter-turn-home-design-darling Johnathan Adler and the luggage maker Tumi. The result: assorted travel gear created for those with an aversion to black or those who have an acute problem identifying their suitcases on the baggage carousel that is a river of inky blocks.

Mr Adler, whose spouse is another design guru, Simon Doonan of Barney’s windows fame, is known for his love of geometric patterns, especially on floors. His creations for Tumi are not shy of patterns too: angular shapes or awning stripes that have a toy/child-like quality about them (including the message a kid is likely to ask, “Are we there yet?”). Like so much of fashion today, they’re also the antithesis of neutral and prudent. One group of colours in the collection is of various shades of the azure sea, yet the combination is a blue with a bang!

Johnathan Adler X Tumi luggage collection is available at Tumi, B1-127, The Shoppes, Marina Bay Sands and #03-05, Takashimaya Shopping Center