All Patched Up

CDG patchwork walletComme des Garcons’s line of small leather goods have done exceedingly well for the brand since its introduction more than 10 years ago. Discreet, practical, and elegant, these are not wallets and cases for those who need them in some kind of house leather and hardware. In fact, these logo-less holders for anything you need to stash are alluring because they are not terribly identifiable. Through the years, the shapes and the range have not changed either. Instead, CDG introduces different leathers in different finishes each season to entice fans to buy more.

The Patchwork Metal series is the latest and is, by far, the most elaborate of their seasonal offerings. Pieced together with different shapes in tinsel colours, they come close to what can be considered a signature CDG look: surely a patchwork that will please their customers who tend to pass up on the plain black wallet. It is, after all, a season for something festive.

The CDG Patchwork Metal series is available at Comme des Garcons Pocket, Como House