Dress Watch: The Bell Curve

Mulberry Bell BlouseIf there are statement jackets and coats, why can’t there be statement blouses? Given Singapore’s weather that is not friendly to layering, a belle usually needs, well, the bells (and whistles) of a dramatic top. Mulberry’s aptly named ‘Bell Blouse’ is just the piece to own. In a wool/polyester/silk blend, this twill-finish BB (!) is characterised by oversized bell sleeves. While the sleeves will elicit response from envious friends, it is the details that will win the approval of keen eyes. Unusual is the placement of the open-front side pockets that are raised so high as to allow the base seam to form the very discreet bust darts. This is made even less obvious by the V-front seams that plunge downwards only to arc away to the sides, forming the shape of the pocket and throwing a curve ball to the viewer who wonders how everything falls so beautifully on the body.

Clothing is usually the last thing that comes to mind when one shops at Mulberry, but designer Emma Hill has quietly steered the label’s ready-to-wear line on its British-quirky incline so well and convincingly that it is blouse rather than bag so many women are finding themselves gravitating towards. Let this ‘Bell” ring out loud!

The Mulberry ‘Bell Blouse’, SGD1430, is available at the boutique in Mandarin Gallery

Photo: Mulberry